Quick Review: Khroma Beauty Au Naturel In The Nude Lip Set

Khroma Beauty: Au Naturel In The Nude Lip Set



I tried to give you a chance, Khroma. I truly did. Some even discouraged me from buying, but I even defended you.
You let me down…

The brand is sold in mass cosmetics, along with maybelline and nyx, so I expected a lower price point. I never mind paying a higher price as long as its worth it. Plus $14.99 isn’t even bad. So I rationalized, “higher price, higher quality”. WRONG. The little kit comes with a dual ended lipstick/liner and complementary lipgloss. I love a nude lip. That’s Kim’s signature… So I gave it a try.


The color is cool; it can look a little zombie like on my complexion but I’m surprisingly okay with that. Judge me. Here are my grievances: It’s soooooooooooo drying. I have pretty full lips, and I don’t drink enough water. (Not your fault, Kim) Therefore my lips get dry enough on their own, they don’t need any extra help. And the gloss is zero help, due to the fact nothing comes out the tube. Zero. I wasted many minutes trying, trust me. Eventually I had to put some other gloss over it just to prevent my lips from looking like pale lizards hanging out on my face.

Overall, I wouldn’t buy it again, but I would possibly wear it again coupled with something a little more moisturizing.



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