Baby Lips Appreciation Hour


My lips are dry. It’s a fact of life that I’ve come to terms with. That’s my problem, Baby Lips is my solution.

Here’s the basics:
Baby Lips is a moisturizing lip balm infused with Shea butter and vitamin E. It boasts up to 8 hours of hydration and after a clinical study, participants saw improvements in visibly less dry and rough lips, as well as better looking and supple lips. You can find it at any local drugstore where Maybelline is sold, for the low price of $3.99.


From left to right:
Quenched 05, Pink Wink 80, Twinkle 50, Yummy Plummy 90, Pink Punch 25, Coral Crush

My Review:
I love Baby Lips because of the hydration, if you’re looking for color pay off look elsewhere. Coral Crush and Pink Punch both make a subtle, colorful impact, however the others are sheer. Bottom line it’s worth all $4 dollars and provides the soft lips its name boats.