Summer Survival: My Bronzer Guide


Bronzer can be your friend if you let it. In fact, I love it. Frankly, it’s a daily essential. I use it to chisel my cheeks for a deep contour or even to add a little glow to your cheeks on lighter makeup days. Bronzer can be used in a variety of ways, mostly to define facial features and creating warm glows to otherwise dull faces.

First things first, establish the difference between matte bronzers and shimmery bronzers. This is simple. Matte bronzers generally have a flat, matte brown finish whereas shimmer bronzers well…shimmer. Be careful with the shimmer bronzers, the shine can be too much at times, and some of them can have a reddish or orange tone which can be unflattering.

I lean towards matte bronzers when I contour but I keep a couple shimmer bronzers for a quick on-the-go glow.

Finding the right shade:
When shopping for a bronzer, go for a product that is no more than 2 shades darker than your skin tone. Also be mindful of your natural skins undertone and the bronzers undertone.


Bronzing brushes:
While a simple blush can do the trick, finding a great contour/bronzing brush can save a lot of hassle. Most contour brushes have denser bristles that pack on more color with little effort. My favorite brushes are the Real Techniques contour brush and E.L.F. Flat contour brush.


Applying Bronzer:
Less is more. If your just want to add a simple glow just gently sweep the bronzer of your choice across your cheek bones in place of or work with your blush.

If you’re wanting to add a little contour sweep bronzer in the shape of a 3 along the side of your face highlight three key spots: along your temples, down the hollows of your cheeks, and along your jawline.

In the picture above I used my two favorite bronzers: Benefit’s Hoola matte bronzer & Cargo bronzer in dark.


Here a few of the bronzers I own and swatches of how they appear on my skin tone. Some are matte some are shimmery. To an uninterested eye the all look pretty similar but trust me the are a special I their own ways:


1: Pur All-Over Glow face and body bronzer
2: Carge Bronzer in Dark
3: Benefit Hoola Bronzer
4: NYX Tango with Bronze Powder in Tan Enthusiasm
5: Too Faced Beach Bunny
6: Lorac TANtalizer
7: Too Faced Sun Bunny
8: Bare Minerals Warmth

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