Hair Review: Peruvian hair for EliteHair Online


Hello again! This is just a quick review about my experience with EliteHair Online.


I initially bought the hair in late February. The company came highly recommended from one of my close friend, whose hair is habitually laid, so I decided to give it a try. Upon taking a look at their site, I saw that the Peruvian hair was on clearance, and being the ratch that I am I decided to try that first.

I ordered two 18″ bundles and one 16″ bundle. I received the hair pretty quickly however, there was one major problem: they only sent me 2 bundles of hair. I was irritated. I paid for 3, so send me my shit. I had a hard time getting in contact with the company to alert them and eventually had to enlist my friends help to get in touch with them. Once I did reach them, the were very kind and quick to remedy my problem.

But wait…when they sent my third bundle it was this long mystery length and the only thing it had in common with the two previous bundles was that it was black.

Nonetheless I lightened it to a pretty brown color and made a u-part wig with it. Here are some pics below:

This is IMMEDIATELY after the first time I lightened the hair.



This is what the hair looked like after the firster time I lightened it.

I needed a change so I made a blonde 613 wig, but once I grew tired of that I decided to revive the peruvian hair. I lightened it again with AGE Beautiful High Lift hair color in 9G Light Golden Blonde using the AGE Beautiful 40-volume creme developer. I wanted the top to be a little lighter so I lifted some pieces with the L’oreal Wild Ombre box color kit in 070. Here is the result:




Final Verdict: Even after the initial headache, I ultimately love the hair. The coloring process was extremely easy, and although it can get a little frizzy, the hair is easy to curl and straighten. I would definitely purchase it again and recommend it to others.

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