Skincare Sunday: My Skincare Routine

My daily skincare routine is pretty basic: cleanse, exfoliate,  and moisturize. On occasion I will use a mask, or spot treatments, but here are my favorite daily products.

Step One: Cleanse


  • I use Maybelline’s The Flash Clean Makeup Removing Lotion to remove the layers of makeup from my skin. This helps my cleanser be more effective in properly cleansing the dirt from my skinbliss-clog-dissolving-cleansing-milk
  • To cleanse I use Bliss Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk to dissolve dirt and makeup while digesting dead skin cells. It also doubles as a five minute mini-mask.

Step Two: Exfoliate


  • I have extremely oily skin therefore exfoliating dead skin cells is key to keeping my skin as matte as possible. I use Benefeit Refined Finish Facial Polish. It contains natural clay & seaweed extract rich in minerals, nutrients & sugars, known to purify the skin. I only use this every couple of days, but not daily.

Step Three: Moisturize


  • I use Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion to moisturize my skin. This moisture is perfect for my oily skin. It is an oil-free, light weight formula that quickly absorbs into

  • I also use Benefit It’s Potent eye cream to help with puffiness and dark circles.

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