Foundation 101: Tips for Finding the One For You


The purpose of foundation is to even out the skin tone and hide flaws, not change the color completely. The perfect foundation should disapear on the skin. Here’s a couple of tips on how to shop for the perfect foundation for you.

  • First establish your undertone: Are you olive, yellow, pink, neutral?

One of the easiest places to look to find your natural undertone is the inside of your arm. This area is less prone to discoloration. Less people have a pink undertone than you think. If you choose a foundation that has a pink undertone but your skin is neutral to yellow, the makeup will look ashy and ghostly. So be very careful. Most brands tend to lean towards yellow tones because they are most common.

  • Figure out your skin type: oily, dry, combo, or normal?

Skin type matters because you want to find the foundation that is most appropriate to your skin. If you have dry skin, choose a foundation that is moisturizing. If you have oily skin, look for a foundation with built in oil absorbers, and that is oil-free. Matte finishes normally feel best to those with oily skin. Combination skin is tricky, but for the most part a foundation that has oil-absorbers is great for this type, as well. Normal skin types should look for a foundation that has a little bit of moisture to keep the skin looking dewy, fresh, and young.

  • What kind of coverage would you prefer? LIght/sheer, medium, or full

Personal preference matters the most in choosing the amount of foundation coverage. It truly depends on what you are comfortable with. Sheer coverage creates a more natural look. And don’t think that fuller coverage will look “cakey”. But don’t worry, if you choose your foundation according to what I discussed above, your foundation will look flawless.

  • Choose a finish: satin, dewy, luminous, or matte?

Finish has a lot to do with skin type and preference. Matte finish is great for all skin types, particularly oily. This is my personal favorite because I have extremely oily skin. Now even though this is great for most skin types, extremely dry skin, a matte finish will make the skin look even drier. Speaking of dry skin, a dewy finish is usually best. Oilier skin should steer away from this finish. Satin and luminous finishes work for most skin types as well. A satin finish makes the skin appear soft and smooth, while luminous finishes have light-reflecting properties that is great for aging skin because of the youthful look it creates.

Always Do a Stripe Test.

When choosing a shade, do a stripe test along your jawline down onto my next. Don’t be afraid to try several shades until you find the perfect one, and the one that matches your next is the right one.

Now, if your are planning on purchasing a drugstore brand and cannot test the shade, stay away from foundation that look pink in the bottle. Like I said before, even though yellow can be scary because you do not want to look orange, yellow is more universally flattering.

I hope this helps. If you have any question leave a comment or tweet me. 🙂

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