How I got my hair red…



Products used:
4 tubes of L’Oreal HiColor Excellence in Red Hot
16 oz bottle of Salon Care 30 volume developer
1 Bruch
1 Mixing bowl
1 package full of protective gloves

I used 3 bundles of russian hair from Elite Hair Online. I had previously lightened the hair but never used it.

The hair was extremely easy to color. THe formula to mix the color was 2:1 (2 ounces of developer for each 1 ounce of hair color). The Hair color comes with a tiny tube of of bright red hair color. You mix that in immediately after you mix the formula. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. Without it, the hair will not turn bright red. I almost forgot it the first go round.

I used 4 tubes of hair color, one for each bundle and one for my own hair.


The first bundle I colored.

The first bundle I colored.

I left the hair color n for around 40 minutes, then rinsed, shampooed and conditioned with JOICO K-PAK products.