Skincare Sunday: Bedtime Skincare Favorites

Bedtime Skincare Favorites
It’s not always about the makeup people. Yes, I love and indulge in it; but skincare plays a huge part in making your skin the healthy and perfect canvas for your makeup.
I’m pretty lazy. There. I said it. I’m so lazy, I wish I lived in a magical world where I could just layer last night’s makeup underneath each new morning’s look without consequence. gross
However, the world doesn’t work like this and if I want to achieve a more flawless look, adding a few extra steps to my skincare regimen is undoubtedly worth it.
I came across a great read explaining the importance of a healthy overnight skincare routine: 4 Overnight Beauty Products You Should Be Using. The author Carly Woods, shares four great products that promote great skin health and breaks down why sleep is just as essential to beautiful skin as the products themselves.
As stated earlier I am lazy. So I have a nightly skincare routine that won’t surpass 5 minutes. Here’s four of my own favorite products, that even a sloth like me can find time for before bed:
I’ve posted about these little life savers before, here. And I am still a huge fan. At times I can forgo the whole washing all my makeup at night, back to whole lazy theme, and these towellets  do a great job of quickly removing my makeup in one quick step.

Here’s a link to a previous post about this game changer, right here.This spray covers all the bases with very little effort. This prep spray absorbs oil, minimizes pores and helps to reduce redness.

s1318336-main-hero3.TOTAL MOISTURE from Benefit

I have EXCESSIVELY oily skin. Using a heavy moisturizer at night does seem counterproductive to my greasy woes, but it actually helps quench my oily skin. Oily skin does not always indicate that your skin is not dehydrated. Sometimes, your skin overcompensates it’s need for hydration by producing more oil. I have had great success reducing my oil production by simply hydrating my skin at night.


4. IT’S POTENT from Benefit.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of an effective eye cream. It’s Potent helps with puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. I use in in my morning skincare routine as well.

One thought on “Skincare Sunday: Bedtime Skincare Favorites

  1. Great post – I too am super lazy! I’m trying to find a good eye cream to help my very first wrinkles.. It’s so much my first one it’s actually just wrinkle! But I keep prodding and poking it and wishing it away and I wondered if the benefit it’s potent is the best eye cream you’ve come across? I’m in the UK so we may not have such a great selection. I’ve also mentioned my latest woe with eye cream on my new blog and would love it if you could take a look and let me know what you think! Xxx


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