Quickie: Liquid Highlight & Contour with drugstore products


Hello there! I decided to do a quick post about highlighting and contouring with liquid products. I usually use powder bronzers to contour but decided to switch it up.

For the highlight I used Maybelline’s Age Rewind concealer. It has a great consistency and amazing coverage. I placed the concealer in two upside triangles under my eyes, along the bridge of my nose on down to the bow above my lips, under my chin and then another triangle in between my eyebrows. I am highlighting these areas to bring more attention to them.

I used Maybelline FitMe foundation stick in a shade a few shades darker than my natural skin tone. I drew my contour lines along the outer areas of my face and then made thick lines right under my cheekbones to make them more pronounced.

Next, I blended the products into my skin with a damp blending sponge. I patted all over my face with the sponge until everything was smooth and there were no lines of demarcation.



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