Drugstore Review: Maybelline FITme Matte + Poreless

Review: Maybelline FITme Matte + Poreless
I haven’t done a review in so long. However, by no means does that mean I haven’t been trying a boat load of new products. I constantly on a search for a new foundation, and as of late, I have tried and failed at finding one that I’m in love with.
Maybelline’s new FITme Matte +Poreless foundation is my latest complexion purchase. Here’s a quick rundown about the product.
The Basics:
  • Mattifies & Erases Pores
  • Ultra-Lightweight Mattifying Foundation for Normal to Oily Skin
  • Tone + Texture-Fitting Foundation for the Ultimate Natural Fit
  • Retails for $7.99
  • Available in 16 shades



So far, I have worn it for two days. Day one, I received an overwhelming amount of compliments on my skin. I was skeptical because my skin is sooooooooooooo freaking oily, but really did live up to it’s claims. My t-zone trouble area was shine free through out my 8 hour work shift.





Love! Especially for this price point. The last foundation I bought was $42, had the same claims as this FITme foundations, however the results were subpar. I definitely recommend this to anyone with oily skin or desire a matte finish.




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