Inspiracion: Frida Kahlo Makeup Collection


Inspiration is all around. And when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

And there she was was, I didn’t know it yet, but my teacher was waiting for me mixed in a bin with travel sized body wash.I never thought I’d see a goddess staring at me while checking out from a diaper run at CVS.


But there she was. Powerful and confident. Beautifully wrapped around polishes and lipsticks waiting to be appreciated. This was sometime in March, and I was enamored with the woman starring up at me. Of course, I knew who she was. Frida Kahlo, duh. A global icon. The packaging was too beaufiul to ignore, so I decided to splurge. I bought four lipsticks, and 3 polishes. At $7 each, trust me, that’s a splurge for me.

I had every intention of creating a post about my random find, but never got around to it. I do that a lot. But each time I started a post, I just felt I wasn’t doing her any justice because I didn’t know enough about her life. I did some research here and there. Found some interesting things but nothing ever connected. Then I googled some quotes. Thats when she struck me. Her words penetrated to my core.


I tried to watch a documentary about her on Amazon but, it was dreadfully boring and I couldn’t get through it. I decided to break down an rent the movie Frida, a 2002 biopic starring Selma Hayek. The film tell the tale of Kahlo’s life from before just before the tragic bus accident from which the injuries plagued her entire life until her death. It also places emphasis on her dysfunctional relationship with her husband, Diego Rivera.




What I adore most about Frida was her ability to create through the pain. From the pain. Her paintings mixed realism with fantasy within autobiographical portraits. Everything about her is inspirational. She was a strong woman who stood firm in her beliefs, and for that she will be revered forever.



Happy Birthday, Frida Kahlo.



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